About Us

About Us

Providing Quality Medical Instruments & Accessories to Medical Professionals all over Canada.

Corporate Information & History

HiTeck is a medical device company offering quality dental instruments & sterilization cassettes in Canada.

In 2009, we started our brand by opening our office in Canada. Since then, we have become one of the most recognized dental brands in Canada. We are focused on delivering the highest quality products & services to our customers. Our commitment to quality & customer service has earned us a reputable name in the industry. Our focus today is to:

  • Empower our customers with innovative products & solutions.
  • Provide quality products & services without the high cost.
  • Listen to our customers and adapt to their needs.

Over the last decade, we have continually kept introducing new products and solutions to the industry. Currently, we manufacture and stock over 8,000 instruments under our own brand and distribute more than 6,000 various brand name products.

Company Mission & Vision

Our corporate mission & vision defines how we do business. 

Our mission today has been the same as it has always been, to empower our customers through quality products & services so that they can improve lives.

We continually strive to work with our customers to bring new & innovative products to the market. Our vision is to continually improve. We believe that there is always a way to progress, as Thomas Edison said; "There's a way to do it better - find it!"

What HiTeck is About

Our Products

Our products are made from top quality raw materials under strict quality guidelines. All of HiTeck branded products are guaranteed to perform at their best. Apart from our strict control on quality, we offer industry-best warranties on our products.

Who we Serve

We mainly serve dentists and oral surgeons in Canada. In addition, we serve dental students in university or giving equivalency exam in Canada.

How we do it

By only using the best raw materials and by using the latest production techniques, we are able to provide industry-best products to our customers. We also use the latest ERP and QMS software to track products from forging until they reach our customers' hands.

Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves in providing quality products & services to our customers. We guarantee all of our products to be of the highest quality. Visit our warranty page for more information.

Our Services

Apart from providing quality products, HiTeck focuses on providing the best in industry services to its customers. 

Product Sourcing & Consultation

With our product sourcing & consultation service, we make it easier for our customers to choose the right product for the right procedure. With too many options in the market, it can sometimes become confusing to choose the right product. We also help our customers source a product that they need to get for their procedure. Contact us to find out more about our sourcing & consultation service.

New Product Design

Due to new research and advancement in the medical field, it is very important to keep on introducing new and better products into the market. We routinely work with our customers to bring new and improved products to the market. If you have a concept of a revolutionary product or have modification suggestions to an existing product, please contact us.

Proper Reprocessing Techniques

Proper instrument reprocessing can significantly increase the life of the product. We continually work with our customers to educate them on the proper technique to reprocess their instruments on a daily basis, so that they may maintain the integrity of the products. For more information, please visit our reprocessing page, or contact us.

Infection Control Guidance

Infection control in a clinic is very important. Proper infection control minimizes cross contamination and increases a patient's trust in their doctor. We have a number of products available for proper infection control, and also provide guidance on a regular basis to our clients who might have some questions on how to store, sterilize and maintain products properly.