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Premium Series Sterilization Cassettes are the most customizeable cassettes that we carry. They can be modified to virtually hold any instrument that you might need for your procedure. These cassettes are ideal for Surgical, Restorative, Endo and Extraction procedures. These cassettes come in two dufferent types: Regular Premium Series & Accessory Area Premium Series. The accessory area is very useful for placing instruments like extraction forceps, rubber dam punches etc. A few features of our premium series:

  • Fully customizeable to suit your instrument needs.
  • Additional heights allows to place heavy instruments. (extraction forceps)
  • Detachable lid allows to save space patient side.
  • Clips can be attached to place hinged instruments in an open position.
  • Adjustable accessory area to place heavier instruments.
  • Multiple colour options available.


If you are looking for a quick and cost effective way to manage your instruments, our daily line cassettes are the best option. These cassettes are ideal to be used for high volume dental procedures where you need less instruments in a kit. These cassettes are mainly used for exam, diagnostic and basic hygiene procedures. Our daily line cassettes come in sizes to hold 3,5,7,10 or 20 instruments.

  • Partly customizeable to suit your instrument needs.
  • Low height makes sure that it will fit in most autoclaves
  • Fixed hinge lid allows to operate with speed.
  • Clips can be attached to place air water syringe & mirror head on the lid.
  • Multiple colour options available.