• “The fact that i get to have a look at all the instruments at the comfort of my office at the time of my choosing is a game changer by HiTeck. Instrument ordering is a painful process and HiTeck takes away the pain from the whole process.”
    • Richard Depp
  • Free Shipping
    We can ship all over Canada!
  • Easy Return Process
    Return Label included in the box!
  • No Commitment Required
    You can send everything back, anytime!

How Our Concierge Service Work!

Let us explain how the whole process works.
Fill out a Request form
Enter your details, the sample categories you would like to see. You can also mention specific products that you are interested in.
Choose Your Length
Mention the time you will need to keep the samples with you in order to evaluate. We will include a return label with the instruments.
Get the Instruments Your Door!
Sit back and relax, your package is on its way to your doorstep. Now you can browse through our products at the comfort of your office at the time of your choosing.
Every Box Includes
  • 2 pairs of our latest catalog
  • Business Card of your dedicated account manager
  • Return Label to send the samples back

Why we offer this service?

Everyone loves getting mail. Our socks are the best monthly surprise.
  • Pictures do not do our instruments justice
  • Feeling the instruments in your hand increases your confidence in them
  • You get to feel the HiTeck quality without any commitment
  • Eliminates the stress of ordering the wrong type of instrument.
  • We get to places where our sales reps can not
  • To Reaffirm Our Commitment to Being Your Partner in Dentistry!

Got Questions? We’re Here To Help!

See Commonly Asked Questions or better yet, Call Us at 877.899.1861

Can I Use the instruments?

Our main goal with this program is to get the instruments in your hand so that you can feel the built and solidity of them. If you like our instruments, you can purchase them and use them. All of our instruments come with lifetime warranty, so if there is any issue after purchase, we have your back!

The instruments that we send are only for you to feel the quality and make a decision.
What if I don’t like the instruments?
We are confident that you will LOVE our instruments. If you don't for any reason, you can use the return label we included in the box to ship the instruments back to us. If you need a new return label, you can always give us a call.
Where do you ship these boxes to?
We currently ship all over Canada. The address should be a registered dental office.
How long do i have to inspect the instruments?
We understand that you are busy with patients and will have limited time to spend on looking at the instruments, after all that is the reason we started this service. Keeping that in mind, we offer up to 21 business days for you to keep the instruments with you.
Do i have to pay anything, or give my payment details?
Absolutely Not! We offer this service commitment Free. All we ask from you is to return back the products using the prepaid shipping label that we provide in the box at max 21 days after you receive the instruments. We want to make your instrument purchase process as simple as possible.