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Surgical Siyah Series

HiTeck's Siyah Line instruments are designed for performance. They are engineered to optimize clinical outcomes by delivering efficiency throughout the entire perio and surgical procedure. from reducing light reflection to enhancing visibility at the surgical site, the Siyah Line is created with the clinician in mind.

In addition to the hand instruments, Siyah line also includes Super Cut Scissors, Siyah Rongeurs & Elevators to deliver superior performance through enhanced precision and innovation.

Benefits & Features of Siyah Line Instruments:

Superior Performance

Performance engineered coating for a harder, smoother surface for optimal edge retenion & enhanced lubricity.

Easy on the hands

Unique, smooth, large diameter lightweight handle for maximum comfort, reduced hand fatigue & increased control.

Increased Visibility

Distinct black finish for enriched contrast and visual acuity at the surgical site & underlying tissue.

Non Corrosive

Handcrafted with German stainless steel for optimal strength and corrosion resistance.

Easy on the Eye

Reduced light reflection afforded by a mattle finished handle & black working ends.

Keeps the Edge

Performanced engineered coating keeps the sharp edge 3-4 times longer.


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Product Type

    6 Siyah Anterior, Straight Periotome


    5 Siyah Anterior, Angled Periotome


    4 Siyah Posterior, Left Periotome


    3 Siyah Posterior, Right Periotome


    2 Siyah Anterior Periotome


    1 Siyah Posterior Periotome